Learning that all three of our children had Celiac disease was both enlightening and challenging. Initially, we believed that eliminating gluten from their diets would be a straightforward solution. However, we soon discovered the complexities of navigating a gluten-free lifestyle, from identifying hidden sources of gluten to addressing cross-contamination concerns and redefining our approach to dining out.

Gluten, we learned, sneaks its way into unexpected places like soups and barbecue sauces. Even seemingly harmless choices, such as rice cereal, proved deceptive due to hidden malt flavoring. Our newfound awareness extended beyond the dining table as we educated ourselves on where gluten lurked and where it was unlikely to be found (definitely not in watermelons).

Yet, the real challenge lay in preserving the joy of indulging in delicious baked goods we once took for granted. Store-bought gluten-free alternatives disappointed, often resembling cardboard or disintegrating into a crumbly mess. Watching our children struggle with sandwiches that would crumble onto their plates inspired us to seek a better solution.

Fortunately, our family was blessed with a chef and a baker within our midst. While cooking gluten-free proved manageable, the realm of gluten-free baking proved to be an entirely different endeavor. After years of dedicated reading, researching, and numerous trials and errors, we discovered a more satisfying way to create baked goods that not only met gluten-free requirements but also garnered enthusiastic approval from our children.

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